Club History

We are very old…..

3 Responses to Club History

  1. CarrieIna says:

    Nice….Thank you for sharing. I think it would be helpful for all.
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  2. Diane Pool says:

    Have been in the Philippines for the last 14 years…time to move on. Have been thinking where to go, had spent 2 years refitting our gaff ketch in Queensland, and loved Australia…last night met someone from Carnavon, so started checking internet for photos as related to yachts…sorry there were none as it would have enjoyed seeing what your club and environs looked like, what living there would be like.


  3. Keith & Sylvia Collier says:

    We first joined CYC back in the late 70’s with 3 young sons, when the ideal was to enjoy sailing in a safe, family oriented environment for fun & pleasure, as well as to give our children experience, skills, knowledge & the ability to sail a craft knowing all of the rules & being respectful of them, and of others – on the water & off. Mind you, it was still competitive!
    The ‘old boat shed’ WAS the clubhouse/canteen plus boat storage back then. There was no Starters Tower nor a beautiful Clubhouse as you have today! Each week, the women/ Mums would bake before sailing started, and take along freshly cooked edibles to sell in the canteen or make up sandwiches & hot-dogs, or heat pies for the sailors & their crew on-site. All were sold cheaply to raise funds for the club. The club was unlicensed at that time and alcohol consumption was limited to what was available through the canteen.
    Many happy memories are evoked thinking back on the fun we had; the joy and camaraderie we all experienced ‘way back then’… Some youth, children & adults went on to be top-notch sailors in their own right, competing & winning in State and National titles around Australia. Others just enjoyed the sport for the pleasure of competing locally each week. It was a great way to spend your leisure time.
    Perhaps a Sailors “Hall of Fame” could be set up with photos and any other memorabilia available, or even added to the website?
    Keith & Sylvia Collier 27th March, 2013.


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