Whale Watching

On 5 Oct 2012 13:10, "Carnarvon Tackle and Marine" <ctm288> wrote:

Dear all,

There are lots of whales in the Bay, often less than 10 miles out.

Two yachts have already offered to take members for a whale- watching tour.
The plan is to leave from CYC at 0930, back before 1400

Depending on numbers of interested people more yachts may be needed!
This will all be decided on Friday 12th October over dinner, and is conditional on SeaBreeze predicting < 12 knots of wind for the duration.

Kees Bakker, RC cruising

Note From The Commodore

Please can you not chain dinghy’s to the landing jetty, this jetty is for refuelling as well as boaties in the Fascine wanting to come a shore – if you do chain your dinging to it, it will be removed and pushed on to the sand spit.

Thank- You Commodore Hutchinson

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